We live in a period of historic transition from an Industrial Society to a Global Information Society. Emerging online communications technologies are enabling individuals and community groups to explore creative solutions to local socio-economic problems resulting from this historic transition.

It is the thrust of PA-Comnet to learn to use the power of this new technology for productive civic engagement, by tapping the creative energies of citizens and community groups in the Palo Alto area. We hope to find and show a way to build a sustainable local infrastructure to support community dialogue, learning, and engagement that will lead to a revitalization of our community.

We have often heard: "Think globally but act locally". At PA-Comnet, we act locally through our online discussions, while reaching globally to share our experience in exploring the potential of the Internet to empower citizens to collaborate with local governments in seeking solutions to local problems in a timely and cost effective manner.

Imsong Lee, Chairman Emeritus

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Discussion among members is primarily through email.
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First Wednesday of the Month at 7:30 a.m. (when scheduled)
Usually at one of these locations:
Terman Library
661 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto, CA
Lucie Stern Community Center - Fireside Room
1305 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA
We currently operate as an informal group of citizens and meet when speakers of interest are available.
Previous Meetings:
Archives of previous meetings range from 1995 to the present.
Topics cover the development of Internet infrastructure and applications important to Palo Alto.
To see the minutes of past meetings, click here.

Members are currently active in promoting city-wide fiber-to-the-home access.
For the latest news visit http://www.pa-fiber.net

Members supported rollout of one of the earliest FTTH trials.
See details at http://inet-gw.city.palo-alto.ca.us/fth/
Members were earlier involved in promoting construction of the Palo Alto fiber local loop.

Planning and Implementation of a City-Wide Online Information Network to improve citizen-citizen communications, and citizen-government communications.
Provide local communication capabilities via the Internet.
Provide training for using the Internet.
Determine the information needs of the community.
Increase awareness of the value of information technology.
Educate the community to comfortably use information technology.
Develop local information databases.
Collaborate with organizations of all kinds, and bring the best resources from local, regional, national, and global sources to achieve local goals.

Internet broadcast of City Council meetings. See CMR:131:03 Cost Analysis and Timing for Internet Broadcasting of Council Meetings
Working with City of Palo Alto Utilities to assess the desire of its community for access to the city fiber loop.


Televised Public Forum

at City Council chambers,
7:30 PM, Sept 25, 1997


The "Last Mile" initiative is PA-Comnet's name for how to connect Palo Alto residents and businesses to the City's Fiber Ring information infrastructure. At a modest investment, the City installed high-capacity optical fiber throughout the city, but few homes or offices have links to it. This will not be as cheap as the Fiber Ring itself. How do we connect this last mile?

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